General Conditions of Sales and Delivery

By transferring their order, each customer is expected to know the general conditions of sales and delivery as mentioned below and agrees to these conditions in full, with the exception of all provisions contrary thereto.

Deviation from these conditions is possible only with explicit and written permission of our company. This permission can only be granted by the authorized persons.  Any deviations, when permitted, are only valid for the order upon which these were agreed.

1. A surcharge of €15 for transporation costs will be applied to orders destined for Belgium if the order total does not exceed the threshold of €450. Transportation costs for other countries will be determined in consultation with us.

2. Orders and cancellations of orders are valid only insofar as they were confirmed in writing. In any case, no cancellation will be valid after eight full days from placing the order.

3. When the customer of an order cancels their order unilaterally or after the cancellation period has passed, we reserve the right to process, ship and finalize your order or to claim compensation amounting to 15% of the value of the agreement, subject to the right to prove damage and actual damage suffered by us, if this would amount to more than the aforementioned fixed sum.

4. The indicated delivery times are purely indicative and late delivery can never give rise to a breach of contract, nor to any fines or compensation at our expense.

5. Our invoices are to be paid to the seller's address, net, in cash, without discount, unless otherwise stated in the agreement with the order. Our bills of exchange or receipts do not entail any claim or deviation from this clause.

6. Every invoice that remains unpaid on its due date will, by operation of law and without notice or notice of default, yield an interest of 18%, and will be increased by a lump sum payment equal to 20% of the amount due, with a minimum of € 25.

7. Until the full quittance of all claims that arise for the buyer from the sales agreement, the delivered goods remain the exclusive property of the seller and can be reclaimed by the seller in the event of late payment.

8. For all disputes, only the courts of the district of the seller (Mechelen) are competent.

9. The goods, even post-paid shipments, travel at the risk of the addressee. To be valid, every complaint must be made in writing within eight days of delivery.

10. The prices indicated by our representatives are only for information purposes and without obligation. Customers are requested to rely on our invoices for the correct conditions.